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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

Printer Registers a 202.17 Paper Jam

Issue description

When printing a document on the printer, a 202.17 paper jam error appears. This error message refers to a page which arrived at the fuser earlier than expected.

A ‘pre-staged’ media in the paper tray can often lead to this error or any other paper jam code. See pre-staged media and a properly loaded media stack look in the tray.


  1. Flex, fan, and straighten the paper before loading it in the paper tray.

  2. Lay media in tray and ensure the leading edges of all sheets are flush and not pre-staged. Lock tray at proper media setting.

    Note:  Do not slide the paper into the tray.

  3. Update the printer firmware.

  4. Make sure the wall outlet where the printer is connected provides >95% of rated voltage when printer is in "Ready State" ( >109VAC US, >218VAC for HV Geos, >95VAC for Japan).

Service action

For MS/MX/3/4/5/61x

For MS/MX/7/81x

  1. If the same error appears after updating the printer firmware, replace the Fuser assembly. IMPORTANT! End of life consumables such as the transfer roll and/or pick tires can cause some errors. Check the fuser's maintenance kit status using the printer's Control Panel or Embedded Web Server (EWS). Maintenance kit if a fuser enters a 'beyond life' state within the printer's warranty period.

  2. If during the process of examining the printer you look at the fuser and notice that the backup roller inside the fuser is wrinkled, please note that this is normal. When the fuser roller heats up during the printing process, the roll expands to its full diameter. This is not a source of 202.17 jams. Please do not replace the fuser for a wrinkled backup roller.

  3. Should this be the second service for the same issue, replace Low-voltage Power Supply (LVPS).

Should the issue persist, please contact your next level of support for further diagnosis or possible escalation


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