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Lexmark XM7163

Lexmark XM7163

Partial print check on one side of the page

Issue description

The output print is washed out or missing on one side down the page. The defect might appear after replacing the Imaging Unit with a new one.

    The right-side of the page is washed out or missing.
    The right-side of the page is washed out or missing.

Possible cause

If the print defect appeared only after replacing the Imaging Unit, the charge roll/developer roll separator may have broken off of the Imaging Unit while being removed. In such a case, the charge roll will not be in contact with the Photoconductor drum, thus causing the missing print.


To resolve the defect, carefully pull out the piece of broken plastic with a pair of pliers and make sure no other obstructions are left inside the Imaging Unit. The following image shows a sample Imaging Unit with a broken separator plastic stuck inside.

    The red arrow points to a portion of a separator plastic stuck inside the Imaging Unit.
    The red plastic piece is part of the separator stuck inside the Imaging Unit.

If the issue persists, remove the cartridge and imaging unit from the printer. There should be a foam roll (transfer roll) found below where the imaging unit had been.

If you push on either side of the roll, it should depress and go back into place. If the roller does not go back or is not secured into place, remove the transfer roll and reinstall it by pulling up on the blue gear and pulling it out from right to left. Reinstall the roller, reinstall the supplies, power the printer back on and retest to see if the problem re-appears.


Service action

Check the imaging unit for proper installation and re-install, if necessary. If the issue persists, replace the imaging unit and perform a test print.

Should there be additional concerns or questions, contact the next level of support for further diagnosis.

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