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Lexmark C748

Lexmark C748

Secure Held Print Jobs eSF ? 'Require All Jobs to be Held' Option Does Not Retain Jobs after Being Printed

What you will see

The print jobs are automatically deleted after printing even if the Secure Held Print Jobs eSF "Require All Jobs to be Held" option is enabled. This is unlike the regular Print & Hold Repeat feature that is found in Lexmark's print driver, which allows you to print all copies of a print job and store the job on the printer so you can print additional copies later.

Functioning as designed

By design, the "Require All Jobs to be Held" option requires the printer to retain every print job until either an authorized user releases it or the job expires. This option converts all print job types to Confidential print jobs, which are automatically deleted from memory after printing.

If the Repeat print job type is selected together with the Require All Jobs to be Held option, the jobs will neither be automatically printed nor retained after printing.

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