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Lexmark C748

Lexmark C748

Installing or updating eSF applications appear as Stopped or Disabled or No eSF Applications

Issue description

After updating eSF applications on a printer, the printer becomes unresponsive.

Symptoms may include:

  • On the printer Embedded Web Server (EWS) the status of installed eSF applications that should be running are shown as Stopped or Disabled or no eSF applications are shown.


  1. Power off the printer for a few seconds and power it back on.

  2. On the printer EWS, verify that all expected eSF applications are shown and are in the Started or Enabled state.

    • If eSF applications are missing, they must be re-installed.
    • If eSF applications are Stopped or Disabled, manually restart or re-enable them.
      • If the eSF applications fail to start, re-install them.


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