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Lexmark XS654

Lexmark XS654

Lexmark Universal Print Driver release notes release notes (January 2024)

These are the current release notes.

  • Added support for user certificate print encryption.
  • Added support for job name masking.
  • Added support for new languages:
    • Bahasa Indonesia
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese
  • Added support for the following printer models:
    • Lexmark C2335
    • Lexmark CS531
    • Lexmark CS632
    • Lexmark CS737
    • Lexmark CX532
    • Lexmark CX635
    • Lexmark CX737
    • Lexmark M3350
    • Lexmark MS531
    • Lexmark MS631
    • Lexmark MS632
    • Lexmark MX532
    • Lexmark MX632
    • Lexmark XC2335
    • Lexmark XM3350

Note:  Lexmark UPD does not have ARM support. release notes (February 2023)

  • Added the Poster Job information in the print file through the PJL command.
  • Added print encryption support in Printer Driver Configuration Utility.
  • Disabled print encryption prompt by default, and added the option to enable it through the registry.
  • Fixed the registry bloat issue.
  • Fixed the overlay issue.
  • Added “emulation” in the driver package names, driver names, and driver installer strings of PostScript® (PS) and PostScript 3 (PS3) emulation drivers. For example:
    • Driver package: Lexmark_Universal_v2_UD1_PostScript_Emulation_MMDDYYYY.exe
    • Driver name: Lexmark Universal v2 PostScript 3 Emulation
    • Driver user interface

The PostScript emulation driver is not upgradable when the name of the driver is changed.


  • Lexmark UPD does not have ARM support.
  • Added support for the following printer models: Lexmark MX432 and Lexmark XM3142 release notes (February 2022)

Additional updates:

  • Improved the UI performance on UPD
  • Fixed the reset port issue while printing using LPR port in UPD
  • Added Z Fold support.
  • Added support for print encryption in printer pooling when pointed to a single IP address and the same port number.
  • Added support for the following printer models:
    • Lexmark C4342
    • Lexmark C4352
    • Lexmark CS730
    • Lexmark CS735
    • Lexmark CS943
    • Lexmark CX730
    • Lexmark CX735
    • Lexmark CX930
    • Lexmark CX931
    • Lexmark CX942
    • Lexmark CX943
    • Lexmark CX944
    • Lexmark MX931
    • Lexmark XC4342
    • Lexmark XC4352
    • Lexmark XC9325
    • Lexmark XC9335
    • Lexmark XC9445
    • Lexmark XC9455
    • Lexmark XC9465

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