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Lexmark XS656

Lexmark XS656

Good practices to avoid paper jams and maintain your printer


This article is intended to educate everyone on basic things to do in order to avoid paper jams, and to possibly prevent unnecessary damage to printer components.


Things to consider


Keep media stored in the original packaging. Avoid having open media sitting on the shelf.

Doing this will help prevent the possible Paper Jam error codes:200, 201, 230 and 241 thru 245.


Always fan the media thoroughly before loading into trays. See the illustrated steps below:

Doing this will help prevent the possible Paper Jam error codes:200, 201 and 241 thru 245.


Always set the rear and side restrain in the tray snuggly.

Doing this will help prevent the possible Paper Jam error codes:34 and 200, 201 and 241 thru 245.


If the printer uses two paper trays; NEVER pull the primary tray out to load media on it when the secondary tray is still printing.

This will help prevent the possible Paper Jam error codes:241.17, 242.17, 243.17 and 244.17.


Always perform maintenance on the printer when it prompts you to. Excess dirt or toner on the wiper can cause print quality issues.

  • If 80 Routine Maintenance is displayed – Order a replacement maintenance kit.
  • If Replace Wiper is displayed – Replace the wiper with the spares that are included in the cartridge box.


To clear a jam, always pull the paper in an upward direction. Warning! Pulling the paper in the opposite (i.e., downward) direction may dislodge or damage the pass-thru sensor flag. This flag only moves one way – in the direction where the paper travels. Pulling the paper jam downward moves the flag against its normal travel direction, thus causing damage to it.

Pulling the paper up is the correct way of removing the jam.

Do not pull the paper jam in a downward direction.

Mark this as a good practice when removing paper jams in any tray, especially if the printer displays the following error codes: 241.10, 242.10, 243.10, 244.10 and 245.10.


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