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Lexmark XS656

Lexmark XS656

'Check Duplex' or '23x' paper jam error

Issue description

Paper repeatedly jams whenever printing in duplex (front and back). The printer displays a Paper Jam message with the error code in the range between 230 and 239.

This error occurs because the printer has detected a sheet of paper jammed in either the back of the printer or in the duplex area.


Clearing the paper jam

The first action is to locate and remove the jammed paper.

Note:  If this print job consists of more than one page, it is likely that more than one page is stuck inside the printer. Follow all the instructions below and make sure that the entire paper path is clear before attempting to print again.

  • If the issue is about a 230 paper jam error code, follow the steps on how to remove the jam here.
  • If the issue is about an paper jam error code from 231‑239 , follow the steps on how to remove the jam here.

If the jamming continues

If the error is something other than a duplex (230 - 239) paper jam, use the location described in the error or the Show Areas feature on the printer operator panel to help you locate and clear the jam. Refer to the list of jam error codes and locations here.

If you cannot locate any jammed media anywhere inside the printer, a sensor unit may be failing. This will require a service action to correct the issue. Contact Lexmark Support or a local authorized service center.


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