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Lexmark XS656

Lexmark XS656

T65x&X65xe - A '24x.10' Paper Jam Message Caused by Loose or Broken 'Pass-through' Sensor on one of the Paper Input Options

What you will see

When printing from one of the paper input options (i.e., Tray 2, Tray 3, etc.), the printer/MFP displays a '24x.10' type paper jam message on the operator panel (where 'x' can be any number; i.e., 242.10, 243.10, 244.10, etc.). The paper stops shortly after feeding out from one of the paper trays.

Select Show areas feature on the operator panel to view images that will help you locate and clear the jam.

Explanation of the error message

A '24x.10' paper jam message indicates that a piece of paper has been detected in one of the printer/MFP paper trays (i.e., 250 or 550-Sheet Input Options or a High Capacity Input Tray) and needs removal. In some cases, the printer/MFP will also print out a blank page.

Understanding jam numbers and locations

When a '24x.10' jam occurs, a message indicating the jam's location appears on the display. The associated numeric error code is normally one of the following: 241.10, 242.10, 243.10,244.10 or 245.10.
If you are having a 241.10 error or jam in the standard tray (Tray 1), How to Run Input Tray Test for resolution information.

The following table lists the '24x.10' paper jams that can occur, and the location of each jam:

Jam NumbersAreaClick Image to Enlarge
241.10Tray 1 (Standard Paper Tray)
242.10Tray 2 (Optional Input Tray)
243.10Tray 3 (Optional Input Tray)
244.10Tray 4 (Optional Input Tray)
245.10Tray 5 (Optional Input Tray)

Optional Input Tray can be a 250 Sheet Input Options, 550 Sheet Input Options or a High Capacity Input Tray (HCIT). Please take note that only one HCIT can be used, and it must be installed on the bottom.

Recommended actions

Try printing from the standard paper tray (Tray 1). If the printer works correctly from Tray 1, then the pass-through sensor on one or more of the paper input options may be loose. It may also have become completely unsnapped from the frame, or is otherwise not functioning (i.e., broken sensor flag).


Clearing the paper jam:

To resolve the paper jam message, you must first clear the entire paper path and then press the select (

) button, or select Continue to clear the message and resume printing. See procedure below.

The images in the table below shows the Lexmark T65x models. However, these directions also apply to the Lexmark X65x models.

1Pull out the tray indicated on the display.

Remove any jammed paper, and then insert the tray.

3Press Check (
) button.
4If the jam message persists for a 250-sheet / 550-sheet tray or a High Capacity Input Tray (HCIT), then remove the tray from the printer.

Do not remove trays while a job prints or while Busy appears on the display. Doing so may cause a jam.

5Remove the jammed paper, and then insert the tray.
6Press Check (
) button.
7Once the entire paper path is clear, close all doors and covers. Press the Check (
) button or the Continue button to continue printing. Did the error message return?

Yes: Continue to next troubleshooting table below or go to ‘Contacting Lexmark’ at the end of this document for details.No: Print a test page. If the page prints, the printer is functioning correctly.

Recommended actions:

If printer still displays a '24x.10' paper jam message, try the following suggestions for further diagnosis.

StepsActionClick Images to Enlarge
1Power the printer off, wait for one minute, and unplug the printer's power cord.No Image

Remove the affected tray from the printer.

3Near the top of the optional drawer frame, look for where the four-pronged sensor snaps in (see red in right-hand image).
4Check for any broken or missing parts on the sensor flag (see red in right-hand image). If the flag is broken or missing, a service call will likely be required to resolve the issue.

Click Image to Enlarge

Click Image to Enlarge

5If the sensor is not fully snapped into all four slots, the unit needs a simple repair. Try the following suggestions below.No Image
6Remove the affected paper feed option installed on the printer.

See the User's Guide for removal instructions. You will need to lift the printer in order to remove any input (paper tray) options installed. The printer is extremely heavy. Enlist the help of another person and disconnect all cables and cords before lifting the printer.

No Image
7If the sensor is not properly snapped in, simply locate the sensor to the slots (with the flag extended into the paper path) and push upward until it is fully seated.

The right-hand image shows the top view of the input option (with the printer removed). Observe that the flag is properly located in the paper path.

8Re-install the options back to the printer, connect the printer's power cord directly into a grounded wall outlet, and then power the printer back on.No Image
9Print a test page. If the page prints, the printer is functioning correctly. Did the error message return?

Yes: Continue to If the jamming continues or go to Contacting Lexmark at the end of this document for details.No: The issue is resolved

No Image

If the jamming continues

If the paper jams continue, try the following suggestions based on the applicable circumstances:

  1. If device is posting other paper jam errors, use the Show areas feature on the printer operator panel to help you locate and clear the jam. If the jam errors continue, the printer will likely require service to correct the issue. For information on arranging repair service, contact Lexmark Technical Support. (See the end of this document for details.)

  2. If the 24x.10 paper jam errors continue, clear the jammed paper and power off the printer. Remove the affected tray of the printer and check the following:

  • Ensure that the paper size and type matches with the paper in the tray.
  • Ensure there are no small pieces of paper inside the printer/tray blocking the paper path.
  • Check for any broken or loose parts inside the tray. If any parts appear damaged, a service call will likely be required to resolve the issue.
  • If you cannot find any paper jammed in the printer/tray but it continues to display 24x.10 type paper jam errors, the printer/tray may have a broken or stuck sensor flag.
  • If you find any broken flag, remove them and save them. Try printing again. If the paper jam errors continue, the printer will likely require service to correct the issue.
  • Are you printing on regular plain bond copy paper? If not, try printing again with plain copy paper. This will eliminate any special media as partial cause of the jamming, even if the special media has worked in the past. Certain specialty papers, letterhead stock, label stock, and card stock are more prone to jamming in the fuser unit. For more information on recommended paper types, please refer to the Card Stock and Label Guide.

Preventive Action

To prevent future incidents like this, it is important to know that the flag on the sensor can only actuate in one direction. This means you should be careful not to clear paper jams by pulling paper in a downward direction as this may cause the sensor to break or become dislodged.

Contacting Lexmark

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.
When calling for service, you will need to know your printer model type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating your printer's model type and serial number.

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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