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Lexmark X654

Lexmark X654

Brand new printer is making noise or prompts a 202.11 paper jam

Issue description

The printer is brand new yet it seems to create a noise or experiences 202.11 paper jams. The noise sounds like it is coming from the back of the printer. The noise can be either quiet or loud, and continuous or intermittent.


A guide in the back of the printer may be slightly out of position. If the guide is severely out of position, it can cause paper to jam as it feeds through. This issue develops primarily due to shipping forces on the printer during transportation. In a severe case, it can prevent the guide from moving at all.


To determine if this is indeed the issue, go through the following steps:



Open the back door of the printer.


Look into the printer. The lower edge of the black guide should be behind the white plastic guide. Click here to view image. If one side of the guide is in the wrong position, depress the two white tabs and pull to open the white plastic guide (also known as the redrive guide). Click here to view image.

Note:  The redrive guide does not need to be removed. Simply open the redrive about an inch (two and a half centimeters).


Install the redrive guide into the proper position and close the back cover. If the redrive guide can be reseated, this should resolve the issue.

Note:  If the white redrive guide does not move, a service action will be required to correct the issue.


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