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Lexmark XS654

Lexmark XS654

Scan to Network availability for different generations of products


In this article

  • Identify Scan To Network Folder (SNF) version for your MFP.
  • How to obtain the SNF Basic
  • .FLS installation instructions if you receive a flash file from the TSC.

At this time, Lexmark Technical Support does NOT provide self-serve updates for Solutions applications that shipped with the product.

SNF Basic versions and accessibility (10/14)

Scan to Network Premium users must call their sales representative, Lexmark, or an authorized solutions provider.

This licensed version of Scan to Network adds additional features, but comes at an additional cost.

MFP GenerationsUse Scan to Network...How to obtain the solution...

4th Generation (Current)

  • CX410
  • CX510
  • MX51x, MX410
  • MX61x
  • MX71x
  • MX81x
  • MX91x
  • MX6500e

3rd Generation

  • X74x
  • X86x
  • X792
  • X925

2nd Generation

  • X65x
  • X78x
  • X73x

Version 4.5.10 (or greater) Basic or Premium

  • (Version) Basic ‑ (MFP Generation) 4th ‑ (Ships with product) Yes ‑ (Option for updating or recovering) Update firmware
  • (Version) 3rd ‑ (MFP Generation) Yes* ‑ (Ships with product) Update firmware
  • (Version) 2nd ‑ (MFP Generation) No ‑ (Ships with product) Contact Lexmark Techncial Support
  • (Version) 1st ‑ (MFP Generation) No ‑ (Ships with product) Contact Lexmark Techncial Support
  • (Version) Premium ‑(MFP Generation) All generations ‑ (Ships with product) No ‑ (Option for updating or recovering) Contact your point of purchase or dealer.

* SNF basic was included in an early firmware upgrade if it did not ship with the product.

Alternatively, you can access Lexmark's Virtual Solution Center (VSC) to obtain SNF. This requires proper credentials. Contact Lexmark Technical Support if options above are not possible.

1st Generation:

  • X64x
  • X77x
  • X4600 scanner equipped Printers
  • X85x
  • X94x

Version 1.6.1 Basic or Premium

Contact Lexmark Techncial Support

The x denotes any number within a given multi-function printer series.

FLS installation summary

These instructions are relevant only if you receive the solution via .fls format.

Otherwise, this process is autmomated if updating the solution through the VSC.

  1. Download the file. This file is a self-extracting executable.

  2. Select Run.

    Note:  If you do not see this option, you may need to download a evaluation copy of the WinRar™ or WinZip™.

  3. You will observe extraction of the individual files.

  4. Select Agree to the license agreement.

  5. Click Install to install the software components to the default Lexmark directory, or click Browse to change directories or create a new directory.

  6. Open your MFP's embedded web server or web page.

  7. Click on Settings or Configuration for older MFPs.

  8. Click on Embedded Solutions.

  9. Click on Install.

  10. Click Browse to locate, and select, the .fls file. This file location was specified in Step 5.

  11. Click Open.

  12. Wait as the solution installs on your MFP.


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