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Lexmark XS795

Lexmark XS795

Printer is showing a '32.01 Cartridge Part Number Unsupported by Device' error


A " 32.01 <color> Cartridge Part Number Unsupported by Device" error message displays in the status bar on the touch screen when the printer/MFP registers the wrong toner cartridge as being installed. To clear it or identify a service requirement, follow the steps below.


  1. If this is the first time the message appears, power off the printer/MFP. Leave it powered off for 30 seconds or more and power it back on and try the print job again. If the issue is not resolved, proceed to the next step.

  2. Power off the printer/MFP again and open the front door. Click here for an illustration.

  3. Grasp and lift the top green handle, then slide the cartridge out of the machine as seen here.

  4. Check the printer model number, and verify the cartridge part number that is being used. Click here for an illustration.

    Note:  If the cartridge part number begins with "X792", then it is compatible for the X792 MFP’s. If you have the wrong cartridge part number, please order the correct cartridge.

  5. Insert the cartridge back into the printer, and then push the green handle back in place as seen here.

    Note:  Make sure the cartridge is fully pushed in.

  6. Close the front door completely. Power on the printer/MFP again. Click here for an illustration.

  7. Try replacing the affected consumable supplies with a brand new one to see if this resolves the issue.


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