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Lexmark X792

Lexmark X792

Troubleshooting a 913.44 Error message on a Lexmark X792 Multifunction Printer

Issue description

The solution discussed in this document is applicable should the printer’s operator panel exhibits the following:

  • A time out error message of 913.44 displays on the printer's operator panel.
  • Long delay occurs when doing copies on either the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or Flatbed (FB), and the printer yields a blank page.
  • Busy hang occurs when doing copies on either ADF or FB.
  • It freezes when sending email’s on either ADF or FB.
  • It is stuck on "Scanning" when sending fax on either ADF or FB.


A simple reboot of the device often resolves this behavior. Try powering off the printer and wait for ten seconds before powering it back on. If the message re-appears after the reboot or during scanning/copying, please proceed with the steps below.

Note:  If you are having difficulties or you are not comfortable performing the subsequent steps, Lexmark strongly recommends that you contact Lexmark Technical Support for proper guidance.



Update the firmware to the latest level.


If the error persists after updating the firmware, the printer will probably require service. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support and reference this article to obtain this firmware fix.

Note:  Our Phone or Chat Support Agents can also guide you should you need assistance in doing the firmware update.


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