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Lexmark X736

Lexmark X736

'Load Paper' error

Issue description

The printer displays a "Load Paper" error message despite the input tray being loaded with paper. The printer is able to pick up some paper from the tray but a continuous “Load Paper” message keeps showing.


Note:  If the input tray was loaded with paper while the printer was off and the error message appears, leave the printer on and open the tray for a few seconds. Close the tray and wait for one minute to allow the printer to move the tray into position and read the paper level again. This should update the paper level status and clear the error.

  1. Turn off the printer, wait for 30 seconds, and turn on the printer again. Did the error message return?

    • Yes: Continue to Step 2 .
    • No: Print a test page. If the page prints, the printer is functioning correctly.

    Note:  If you have already tried turning the printer off and on, skip to Step 2.

  2. Press the Menu button, select Reports, and select the Menu Settings Page.

    Note:  If unable to access Menu Settings Page, skip to Step 5.

  3. Look for ‘Paper Menu’ on the pages and check the Tray 1 Size and Tray 1 Type .

    Note:  If the Tray 1 Size and Tray 1 Type do not match with the paper in the tray, change them to the correct setting (e.g., Plain Paper). Press the Menu button, select Paper Menu, select Paper Type, then select Tray 1 Type. Using the navigation keys, select Plain Paper (assuming you are trying to print on plain paper).

  4. Make sure that the paper size and type matches with the paper in the tray. False error messages can result from incorrect media settings in the driver or on the printer.

  5. If the tray is full and no paper jam is associated with the error, try cleaning the pick rollers. Remove the tray that is indicated as having the error and look for the pick arm. Pull down the arm. Use a dry, clean cloth and alcohol to remove debris off the pick roller.

  6. Remove all paper from the tray. Find and remove any obstructions. Check for any damage to the tray. If any of its parts appear damaged, a service call will likely be required to resolve the issue.


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