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Lexmark X466

Lexmark X466

Displayed Error Message 'ntprint.inf not found' when 'x86(32-bit)' Additional Drivers Are Added to Microsoft Server 2008 Driver Store

What you will see (September 2009)

You may observe an "ntprint.inf not found" error when trying to add additional x86 32-bit printer drivers to the Microsoft Windows Server 2008's driver store.


Operating System and function

Printing method

Affected Printers

MS™ Server 2008 x64 print server

Point and Print with x86 32-bit OS clients


Additional Identifiers

  • -Additional 64-bit drivers install without hesitation.
  • -The operating system prompts for the Windows disk; however, the path to the required file(s) cannot be located.

Suggested Remedy

  1. Download the desired product-specific 64-bit Server 2008 driver from the and install it on the 2008 server.

  2. Download the matching product-specific 32-bit Vista driver from Lexmark website. IMPORTANT! Make sure the datastream (PCL, PS...) matches the driver you selected for the 64-bit driver, and then extract the file contents to a folder, but cancel out of the install dialog.

  3. Download the Lexmark Universal driver v1.4 or Vista x86, either PCL or PS. IMPORTANT! Extract the contents to a folder, but cancel out of the install dialog.

  4. Right-click the printer object in Server 2008 that you created in Step 1 and click Sharing.

  5. Click on Additional driver, select x86, then click OK.

  6. Locate the .INF file of the product-specific 32-bit Vista driver that you extracted in Step 2.

  7. Click OK to start installation.

  8. When it asks for the i386 folder, point to the i386 folder from the extracted contents of the Universal driver (in Step 3).

  9. The installation should complete successfully from there.

This workaround does not require the 'USE' or 'INSTALL' of the x86 Vista or universal printer driver (UPD) versions. This solution only downloads and unzips the x86 Vista or UPD driver files to fill necessary voids found in the product-specific driver.

Further Explanation

The following helps explain this issue:

  • -In order to install a 32-bit alternate print driver on a Server 2008 x64 OS, certain 32-bit OS files must be packaged with the 32-bit driver.
  • -The product-specific driver package contains such 32-bit OS files, but they are an older version that did not support Server 2008.
  • -The x86 Vista and UPD 1.4 driver packages contain newer OS files that DO support Server 2008.
  • -This workaround uses the UPD package just for those system files.

Still Need Help?

If you require additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.
When calling for phone support your will your model/machine type and serial number (SN).

For improved technical support, all callers should be near the computer and printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices


Additional Information

The following information is known regarding the elimination of this issue:

  • -Current development of Windows 7 printer drivers is under way.
  • -Windows 7 drivers will support all OSes back to Win2000.
  • -Windows 7 drivers will include the newest OS system files thus eliminating the alternate driver issue.
  • -Windows 7 driver packages will replace existing packages on the website for most of the newer printers.
  • -Windows 7 drivers will be rolled out on a per printer basis throughout the 2nd half of 2009 (in priority order, as determined by world wide marketing.

Last ResortRecommendation

Escalate through PE if a solution is needed sooner (for which the workaround is not sufficient).

PE builds can be produced to incorporate the new OS files into the device-specific driver packages.

These PE builds will not be Microsoft certified. If certification is truly critical, the issue should still be escalated through PE to draw attention to marketing's certification schedules.


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