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Lexmark X466

Lexmark X466

Unable to Connect to LDAP Server Using Windows Server 2012 with SSL/TLS Enabled


The customer is getting an error Unable to connect to LDAP Server when trying to configure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in the Lexmark Management Console (LMC) using Windows Server 2012 LDAP Server with SSL/TLS enabled.

LMC LDAP Setup Error using Windows Server 2012 with SSL/TLS


To resolve this issue, the certificate(s) of Windows Server 2012 LDAP need to be added in every tomcat/application server.

1 Export the certificates (*.cer files) from Windows Server 2012 using Microsoft Management Console (MMC), to a folder on the Lexmark Document Distributor (LDD) server machine.
2 Press the Win key + R on your keyboard to open the Run box and open a command prompt window by typing in cmd.

Go to the LDD Java directory on a tomcat server, which is usually located in C:\Program Files\Lexmark\Solutions\jre\bin, and type;

keytool -import -alias %ALIAS%-storepass changeit -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts -file %FILE_PATH%

  • %ALIAS% – is a string that can be anything. It just needs to be unique.
  • %FILE_PATH% – is where you move the copied certificate(s).
    Use double quotes ("") around the path if it contains spaces.
  • changeit – is the default Java JRE keystore password.

For example, %ALIAS% = vg3c3inter, %FILE_PATH% = c:\temp dir\VerisignG3Class3-Inter.cer, and changeit remains as a default:

keytool -import -alias vg3c3inter -storepass changeit -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts -file "c:\temp dir\VerisignG3Class3-Inter.cer"

Important! Do this for all of the certificates that were copied.


To verify whether the certificates were added, run the list command by typing in the following string.

keytool -list -storepass changeit -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts

5 Perform Steps 34 for all tomcat/application servers in the LDD System.

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