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Lexmark T640

Lexmark T640

Troubleshooting a 902 or service engine software error

Issue description

The printer shows a 902 or a Service Engine Software error indicates that a failure has occurred with the system card of the printer.


When this error appears, power off the printer. Leave it powered off for at least one minute. Then power it back on and wait to see if the error returns.

  • If the 902 or Service Engine Software error does not return on power up, try printing again.
    • If the error does not return, it may have simply been an isolated incident. Continue using the printer, but keep an eye on it for the next week or two.
    • If the error returns when you try to print something, update the engine code on the printer. (See Updating the Printer's Engine Code below.) An older level of engine code may cause the printer to display a 902 error whenever a certain software condition occurs.
  • If the 902 or Service Engine Software error occurs as soon as you power the printer back on, do the following:
    1. Power the printer off once more.

    2. Check to see if there is a 2000-sheet feeder option connected to the printer. If there is, the option may be unplugged. Do the following:

      1. Power off the printer.

      2. Check the power cord going to the 2000-sheet feeder option. Make sure it is fully plugged into both the wall outlet and into the back of the feeder.

      3. Once you have confirmed this, power on the printer and see if that clears the error.

    3. Disconnect all of the communication/software cables going into the printer. Leave only the power cord connected to the printer.

    4. Power the printer back on.

    5. If the printer comes up to the ready state, reconnect the cables and try printing again. If the error returns as soon as you try to print, update the engine code on the printer. See Updating the Printer's Engine Code below.

    6. If the error continues to occur on power up with no cables attached, the printer will most likely need to be serviced and the system card inside replaced. Please skip ahead to the Additional Assistance section at the end of this document.


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