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Lexmark T640

Lexmark T640

Confidential Print Jobs Print in Random Order


What you will see

The printer prints the confidential or held print jobs in random order when the print all option is selected.


In which order should the held confidential jobs be printed?

  • First In First Out (FIFO)?
  • File Name?
  • File Size?
  • File Extension?
  • No Specific Order?
Our printers print them out based on the job name sorted in the following order:

  1. 0-9

  2. A-Z

  3. a-z

Since there is a rule to add a number to the beginning of a job name when more than one job in the queue has the same name, the later held jobs will print first (ahead of the first job with the same name).

Job Name

The job name is what uniquely identifies the job. This name is listed on the panel when the user enters the PIN number.

Q: Is there a rule of thumb as to whether the application name is appended to the beginning of the job name? Excel uses the file name only, but Word places the name of the application at the front end.A: That is completely up to the application. Since there are no hard and fast rules governing the naming of files, applications are free to name the files as they wish.


If you send over a set of documents in this order:

  1. Web page

  2. Word document

  3. E-mail

  4. Spreadsheet

The printer may print in this order:
  1. E-mail

  2. Word document

  3. Spreadsheet

  4. Web page

This order is determined by the job nameas described above.

Still Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, please close this window, go to your product's support page and locate

Get In Touch with Lexmark! for contact information.
When calling for support, you will need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN).

Please be near the products described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce call-back situations.


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