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Lexmark T640

Lexmark T640

The PrintCryption Option: A Brief Overview of Functionality and Summary of the Setup Procedure

ENUS28974 What is PrintCryption?

When purchased and installed on your printer or MFD, the PrintCryption card encrypts print data, providing a secure print path for printing environments that require confidentiality. NOTE: All other printer functions operate as normal: FTP, web page, ping, telnet, and printing via non-PrintCryption ports.

What is included

When you purchase this package you will receive:-an installable PrintCryption daughter board that is matched to your print er model/machine type, and-a client software CD package containing the PrintCryption Test Utility and port monitor software for creating an encrypted port.

Port creation

You will install the port monitor software directly from the installation CD, and a Lexmark PrintCryption port will be chosen when the port monitor is selected during port creation. NOTE: The software is not available from any download source. The current version is 1.3.0; it is backward compatible with older versions of PrintCryption.

Port test: PrintCryption Test Utility

The Lexmark Printcryption Test Utility will attempt to communicate with the IP address via PrintCryption. NOTE: A PrintCryption port DOES NOT have to have been created before this utility can be used. Results

  • -If it cannot communicate (for instance: wrong IP; printer is powered off; PrintCryption card is not installed), the error will remain the same as "Error: Unable to communicate with printer".
  • -If it successfully communicates, it will display the firmware version of PrintCryption installed on the printer.

Printer requirements

PrintCryption has no extra memory requirements * and can be added to any printer that offers this option.

One DLE per printer

The PrintCryption card is considered a DLE (Downloadable Language Emulation(or)) component and thus cannot be added to a printer already containing a DLE such as IPDS, Bar Code, Prescribe, or a printer hosting the 4600 scanner option. * - Older products that do not have at least 32MB of RAM would require a memory upgrade.


Run the PrintCryption Test Utility. This will test the PrintCryption card to determine if it is functioning properly.

1501 DE error

This means that the card that the customer is trying to flash is not an original PrintCryption part or that the printer in question does not have a PrintCryption card installed.

Additional information

Visit and perform a search on PrintCryption or contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional informa tion. NOTE: When calling for assistance, you will also need to know your machine/model type and serial number. It will be beneficial to have a copy of your printer's Menu Settings page. Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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