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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

Lexmark 'Scan to Hard Drive' Solution v2.6.0 Readme

Affected Products:

Multifunction: XM9165, XM9155, XM9145, MX912, MX911, MX910, X548, X954, X952, X950, X792, X925, XM7170, XM7163, XM7155, XM5170, XM5163, XM3150, XM1145, CX510, MX611, MX610, MX410, MX310, MX812, MX811, MX810, MX711, MX710, X854, X852, X546, W850, X864, X862, X860, X945, X940,, X850, X738, X736, X734, X658, X656, X654, X652, X651, X646, X644, X642, X544, X543, X466, X464, X463, MX6500, 6500, MX317, and CX517

Solution: Scan to Hard Disk

Lexmark 'Scan to Hard Disk' Readme v2.7.1 (2014):


This Readme file pertains to the current release of the LEXMARK SCAN TO HARD DISK application for multifunction printers (MFPs).

Lexmark Scan to Hard Disk is an embedded solution that can be installed on multifunction printers (MFPs) that support the Lexmark Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF) v1.2, v2.0, or v3.0. Scan to Hard Disk enables users to scan documents into an MFP and save them on the MFP's secure hard disk for printing on demand. Users can save the files in public folders, move, rename, delete, and retrieve files using the MFP's configuration Web page.


Any single or multifunction printer that supports eSF v1.2, v2.0, v3.0, v4.0 applications


Supported eSF v1.2 devices (v2.2.1 Scan to Hard Drive)

Firmware level requirement (or later)

X644e, X646e, X646dte

LC2.MC.P307aS1or later.


LC2.TI.P305aS1 or later.


LC2.TO.P305cS1or later.


LC4.BE.P457S1or later.


LC.BR.P051HDS1or later.

Supported eSF v2.0 devices(v2.2.1 Scan to Hard Drive)

X651de, X652de, X654de, X656de and X658de Supported eSF v2.0 MFPs include:

LR.MN.P510 or later.

X734de, X736de and X738de

LR.FL.P510 or later.

X463de, X464de, X466de, X466dte, X466dwe

LR.BS.P510or later.

X860de, X862de, X862dte, X864de, X864dhe, XS860de, XS862de and XS864de

LP.SP.P510or later.

Supported eSF v3.0 devices(v2.6.0 Scan to Hard Drive)

X548de, X548dte and XS548de

LHS23.VK.P213a or later.


LHSC3.NY.P213a or later.

X792, X792e, X792de, x792dte, x792dtfe, x792dtpe, x792dtme, x792dtse, XS796de and XS796dte

LHS23.MR.P213a or later.

X925, X925de and XS925de

HS23.HK.P213a or later.

X950de, X952de, X952dte, X954de, X954dhe and XS955dhe

LHS23.JR.P213a or later.


LHS23.JR.P213a or later.

Supported eSF v4.x (v2.7.1 Scan to Hard Drive)


LW1.GM7.P130 or later.


LW1.SB4.P131 or later


LW1.SB7.P131 or later


LW1.TU.P132 or later


LW1.TU.P132 or later


LF.MG.P039 or later.


LW20.JD.P035a or later

  • The printer must have a minimum of 256MB RAM.

  • The printer must be equipped with a hard drive (HDD).

Package Contents:

The following files and publications are included in Scan to Hard Disk v2.6.0

  1. scan2HD_e3-2.6.0.fls - The Scan to Hard Disk application for eSF v3.x printers.

  2. scan2HD_e3_desc-2.6.0.xml - Scan to Hard Disk application for eSF v3.0 MFPs.

  3. ScantoHardDisk_Admin_Guide.pdf - Administrator's Guide.

  4. User_Guide.pdf - User's Guide.

  5. Readme.txt (this file)

New Features:

Scan output can now be accessed by other eSF applications.

Fixed Features:

On the MFP's configuration Web page, the filenames of downloaded files no longer contain garbage characters. This issue applies to Internet Explorer only.

Limitations and compatibility of the release

  1. If a user is downloading a large file, the MFP may stop the download because of a timeout setting value in the Web server. This may cause the downloaded file to become corrupted. Multiple large files

  2. When printing higher resolution scans and files exceeding 20MB in size, some pages may not be printed.

  3. For eSF v3.0 MFPs, the application cannot be configured using MarkVision Professional (MVP).

Additional Information:

For further installation and configuration instructions, please see the Lexmark 'Scan to Hard Drive' Administrator's Guide (AdminGuide.pdf) provided with the application.

Additional version information is included in the ReadMe.txt file that comes with the application.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)

  • Printer serial number

  • Toner/imaging unit/waste toner bottle part number and serial number


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