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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

How to install the IEEE-1284B Parallel ISP option card


Make sure that no held jobs are present in the print queue. Then power off the device. Remove the left-hand access door and remove the metal shield that a Phillips screw holds in place.

Note:  Failure to remove held jobs may result in a 57 Configuration change, some held jobs were not restored message. Lost jobs are not recoverable.

Installing ISP* option (Parallel card example)

Other card types: MarkNet N8230 Fiber, the External RS-232Cserial option, and other supported options all install in a similar manner. CS/CX 92x illustration showing installed ISP 'MarkNet option'



Remove the IEEE-1284B Parallel Option card from its package and confirm the shipped contents:

  • Parallel card with ISP cable
  • Card mounting bracket ( or T-bracket)
  • Thumbscrews

ISP* - Internal solutions port


Required if HD present

If a hard drive (HD) is present on the printer, you will need to remove the existing hard drive from the device before proceeding. To do this:

  1. Remove the two outside screws from the back of the printer.

  2. Disconnect the existing hard drive cable from the system board.

  3. Remove the two thumbscrews from the anchor plate.

Note:  If your printer does not contain a hard drive, you will still have to remove the two screws from the option card slot on the back of the printer.


Required if HD present

Remove the hard drive. Observe the location of the three mounting posts and the corresponding mounting hole positions on the system board.


If the purchased option provides a T-bracket, then snap it into place.


Slide the card into preliminary position. Start the upper bracket thumb screw into the T- bracket, but do not tighten it all the way.

Suggestion: Do not install the lower bracket thumb screw at this time for alignment purposes. Also, the bail clips should stick straight out to allow passage through the card cage slot.


Center and insert the top slot screw. Also, make sure the bottom of the card is center-aligned with the the control cage's screw position.


Place the parallel card onto the T-bracket and secure this card with the longer thumbscrew that has been included.

Note:  Do not over tighten; and make sure the card is centered in the bracket.


Insert and tighten both lower-bracket thumb screw and lower-slot screw.

Lower-slot screw illustration.


Lastly, connect the card's blue cable connector to the system board socket labeled INA or ISP.


Required if HD present

If you are reinstalling the hard drive, align the hard drive mounting posts with the corresponding card holes. Then snap the hard drive back into place.


Required if HD present

Connect the hard drive cable connector to the blue socket on the parallel card labeled HDD.


Replace all covers.


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