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Lexmark X850

Lexmark X850

293 ADF Jam Message on the Lexmark X850, X852 or X854 MFP


A 293 ADF Jam indicates that a scan job was sent to the MFP but no document was detected in the ADF

Troubleshooting steps

Depending on what is happening when the message appears, there are several things you can try to resolve the issue:

  • If no scan job is active when the message appears, press Continue to clear the message.
  • If a scan job is processing when the message appears, press Cancel JobNOTE: This will cancel the job as well as clearing the message.
  • If page jam recovery is active, you can: -press Scan from Automatic Document Feeder Scanning will resume from the ADF immediately after the last successfully scanned page.-press Scan from Flatbed Scanning resumes from the flatbed immediately after the last successfully scanned page.-press Finish job without further scanning. The job ends at the last successfully scanned page, but is not canceled. Successfully scanned pages go to their destination: copy, fax, e-mail, or FTP.
  • If job recovery is active and the job is restartable, press Restart job. The message clears and a new scan job containing the same parameters as the previous job starts.

Still have questions?

Please contact Lexmark Techni cal Support for additional assistance NOTE: When calling for service you will be asked for your printer model type and serial number If you need help locating this information, How to Locate the Serial Number, Machine Type, and Config ID on a Lexmark X850e, X852e, or X854e MFP.Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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