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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

Lexmark W840 or X85x Printer Is Feeding From the Wrong Tray or 'Tray Linking ' Is Not Working Whenever Paper Is Loaded 'Short Edge'

ENUS30948What you will see

Whenever paper is loaded in the 'short edge feed' direction into one or more of the paper trays, one of the following issues occurs:

  • The printer begins to pull paper from the wrong tray.
  • The 'tray linking' function no longer works correctly. (The 'tray linking' function allows you to set up the printer so that it will automatically feed from multiple paper trays that have the same size and type of paper loaded into them. This way, when one& nbsp;of these paper trays runs empty, the printer will start to feed from the other 'linked' trays instead of stopping and displaying a 'Load Paper' message.)

Affected paper sizes

IMPORTANT! The only paper sizes that can be affected by this issue are letter and A4 as these are the only two paper sizes that can be loaded into the tray in the 'short edge feed' direction. For more information on loading paper using the 'short edge feed' orientation, xref_HO2604_xref.

Why the printer is feeding from the wrong tray

You select by paper size or use printer settings in the softwa re. As a result, the printer will start with tray 1 and work down through any optional trays looking for the first paper tray with the correct size of paper loaded, regardless of how the paper is loaded into the tray. Thus all print jobs using that size of paper will print from the same tray, whether the paper is loaded 'short edge feed' or normally into the tray.To correct this issue, select by paper source in the software when sending the print job to the printer and specify the tray you wish to use for the print job.

Why the 'tray linking' function is no longer working correctly

The printer will not link trays that contain paper that has been loaded in different feed directions, even if the size and type of paper are the same. The feed direction is one of the attributes that determine whether two trays can be linked or not.&nb sp; If you wish to engage the 'tray linking' feature on two or more of the paper trays, each of the trays must meet the following criteria:

  • Each tray you want to link must have the same size of paper loaded.
  • Each tray you want to link must be set to the same paper type.
  • The paper in each tray you want to link must be loaded in the same feed orientation.

Contacting Lexmark Technical Support

If none of the above suggestions corrects the issue, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.Be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing and any troubleshooting steps you have already taken to find a solution. You will also need the printer's model type and serial number (SN). This information can be found on a sticker located on t he back of the printer. xref_HO2711_xref for further details.Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a troubleshooting task on the printer.



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