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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

The Printer Displays a '34' or a 'Check Tray Guides' Error When Printing: Lexmark W840 and X85x Series Printers


What you will see

The printer stops printing and displays a 34 Short Paper or 34 Incorrect Media message.


The printer sensors detect that the length of the media fed through the printer does not match the length indicated by the paper size guides in the corresponding paper tray. One or more of the following conditions can cause these errors to occur:

  • One or more of the paper size guides are set incorrectly on the paper tray. NOTE: This is the most common cause of this error.
  • The instructions from the software/print job specify a different size of paper from that which is loaded in the tray.
  • More than one page fed out of the paper tray at the same time, thus causing a false 'Check Tray Guides' message to appear.
  • The paper feed rollers on one of the trays may be dirty or worn. NOTE: This can allow more than one sheet of paper to exit the tray and trigger a false 'Check Tray Guides' message.

Identify the affected tray(s)

First, identify which paper trays are experiencing the issue. If you cannot determine which paper trays are affected, print the Menu Settings pages to view and compare the paper size settings for all of the paper trays installed. See the directions in the table below.

1Print the Menu Settings pages. For detailed directions on how to print this, xref_HO2712_xref or refer to the printer's User's Guide.
2On the first page, look for a section labeled Paper Menu. The paper size settings for all of the paper trays should be listed under this heading.

Confirm the paper size listed for each paper tray matches the size of paper loaded in that tray.

Note: If the printer is unable to print, you can also view the paper sizes for each tray by entering the Paper Menu within the printer menus. Use the operator panel on the printer to access the printer menus. See the User's Guide for more information.

If any paper size settings do not match

If any of the paper size settings do not match the size of print media loaded in that tray, follow the directions below for each tray that is not reading the correct size.

1Power off the printer.
2Open the affected paper tray and remove all paper or other print media from that tray.
3 Inspect the paper tray and the paper guides inside the tray for any damage. If any parts on the paper tray are damaged, the tray will need to be replaced in order to correct the issue. This will require a service call on the printer.

Note: If you require assistance arranging warranty service on the printer, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. For contact information, please click here. You can continue using the printer in the mean time by removing all of the print media from the affected paper tray and printing from a different tray.

4 If the paper tray and the guides are not damaged, ensure that the paper guides in the tray are set in the correct position for that size of print media. Confirm the guides are locked into that position.

Note: If letter-size paper is installed with the shorter edges of the paper on the left and right-hand sides as opposed to the longer edge, turn the media 90 degrees or enable short-edge feeding via the Config menu.

5 Reload the paper/print media back into the paper tray. As you do so, confirm that the paper stack has the correct orientation and that the paper guides in the tray are set in the correct position. There should be no gaps between the paper stack and the guides. In addition, make sure the top of the paper stack is below the 'max fill' line indicated on the tray. To view an illustration highlighting the proper way to load paper, click here. For detailed paper loading directions, choose the appropriate link below.
  • For directions on loading print media into Tray 1 or Tray 2 or the 500-sheet optional Trays 3 and 4, xref_HO2812_xref.
  • For directions on loading print media into the 2000-sheet dual-input tray option (Tray 3 and 4), xref_HO2817_xref.
  • For directions on loading print media into the 2000-sheet high capacity feeder option (Tray 5), xref_HO2816_xref.
6Once the print media is loaded into the paper tray, close the tray.
7Repeat Steps 2 through 6 above for all other trays that are not reading the correct paper size.
8Once you have finished checking each of the affected paper trays, power on the printer. Try printing the Menu Settings pages again. For directions, xref_HO2712_xref.
9Check the Paper Size settings for every paper tray again. Confirm that all paper trays are now reading the correct size.
10 If any of the paper trays continue to display the incorrect paper size, the printer may require service to fix the issue. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service provider for further assistance. For information on contacting Lexmark Support, please click here.

Note: You can continue using the printer by removing all of the print media from the affected tray(s) and printing from a different paper tray.

If All Paper Sizes Settings Are Correct

There may be a problem with the paper itself. Alternatively, one or more of the paper feed rollers may be worn or dirty.Check the paper/media in the tray


Open the paper tray indicated in the error message. Remove the paper/print media and fan each side of the paper stack. This ensures that none of the sheets are sticking together.

Note: Check the paper stack for any of the following characteristics. Any of these can cause pages to stick together.

  • Glue residue from the wrapper/packaging is on the paper.
  • The edge on one or more pages is damaged or wrinkled.
  • The paper has pre-punched holes in it.
2 Try printing again. If the issue continues and you are printing on media other than plain copy paper, remove that media and test the printer with plain copy paper. Try this even if the special media has worked in the past. This test will eliminate the print media as the cause of the issue.

Note: If this corrects the issue, verify that the media used is supported and meets all recommendations listed in the Users Guide and in the Cardstock & Media Guide. Check the recommendations in the 'Understanding paper and specialty media guidelines' chapter (Chapter 5 for W840, Chapter 8 for X85x).

3Repeat these steps for each paper tray experiencing the issue. If the issue continues with plain copy paper, one of the paper feed rollers may be worn and needs replacement. Continue with the steps in the next table.
Check the paper feed rollers/tires

NOTE: Although the steps in the table below are considered an "advanced" procedure, a customer can still perform them. However, if you feel uncomfortable about carrying out these procedures by yourself, or if you encounter any problems, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance. See 'Contacting Lexmark' at the end of this document for contact information.

1 Open the paper tray experiencing the issue and remove it from the printer.
If this problems occurs when printing from more than one paper tray, start with the top paper tray.

Important! The paper trays on the 2000-sheet dual input tray option and on the 2000-sheet high capacity feeder option cannot be removed. See the printer's Users Guide, or contact Lexmark Technical Support, for more information on these trays.

2 Locate the paper deflector and slide it forward. Confirm that the deflector is mounted securely and is not broken.

To view a larger image, click here.

Important! If the deflector is damaged, it will need to be replaced. This will require a service action on the printer. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.
3 Locate and examine the three paper feed rollers on the left-hand side.
  • Confirm that each roller is fully latched onto the metal shaft. Click here to view an image.
  • Check the condition of the tread on each roller. Clean any dirty rollers using a lint-free cloth with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on it. Replace any worn rollers. Click here to view pictures of a clean, a dirty, and a worn roller surface.

Note: To order a set of replacement rollers, order the maintenance kit (part number: 40X0594). This kit includes two sets of rollers (six total). To order replacement supply items (such as the above-mentioned maintenance kit) in the United States and Canada, please visit the Lexmark web site at or contact Lexmark at 1-800-539-6275. In other countries or regions, contact the place where you purchased the printer or visit and select your county or geographic region.

Still need help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance.
When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating these, xref_HO2711_xref.

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.



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