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Lexmark CS310

Lexmark CS310

Loading the manual feeder

The standard 250‑sheet tray has an integrated manual feeder that can be used to print on different types of paper one sheet at a time.

  1. Load a sheet of paper into the manual feeder:

    • Printable side facedown for one-sided printing
    • Printable side faceup for two‑sided (duplex) printing

    Note:  There are different ways for loading letterhead depending on the mode of printing.

    One‑sided printing using a letterheadTwo‑sided printing using a letterhead
    • Load envelope with the flap side up and against the right side of the paper guide.
  2. Feed paper into the manual feeder only to the point where its leading edge can contact the paper guides.

    Note:  To achieve the best possible print quality, use only high‑quality media designed for laser printers.

  3. Adjust the paper guides to the width of the paper loaded.

    Warning—Potential Damage:  Do not force the paper into the feeder. Forcing the paper may cause jams.

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