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Lexmark MS818

Lexmark MS818

Finding information about the printer

What are you looking for?Find it here

Initial setup instructions:

  • Connecting the printer
  • Installing the printer software

Setup documentation—The setup documentation came with the printer and is also available at

Additional setup and instructions for using the printer:

  • Selecting and storing paper and specialty media
  • Loading paper
  • Configuring printer settings
  • Viewing and printing documents and photos
  • Setting up and using the printer software
  • Configuring the printer on a network
  • Caring for and maintaining the printer
  • Troubleshooting and solving problems

User's Guide and Quick Reference Guide—The guides are available at

Note:  These guides are also available in other languages.

Information on setting up and configuring the accessibility features of your printer

Lexmark Accessibility Guide—This guide is available at

Help using the printer software

Windows or Mac Help—Open a printer software program or application, and then click Help.

Click to view context‑sensitive information.


  • Help is automatically installed with the printer software.
  • The printer software is located in the printer program folder or on the desktop, depending on your operating system.

The latest supplemental information, updates, and customer support:

  • Documentation
  • Driver downloads
  • Live chat support
  • E‑mail support
  • Voice support

Lexmark support Web site—

Note:  Select your country or region, and then select your product to view the appropriate support site.

Support telephone numbers and hours of operation for your country or region can be found on the support Web site or on the printed warranty that came with your printer.

Record the following information (located on the store receipt and at the back of the printer), and have it ready when you contact customer support so that they may serve you faster:

  • Machine Type number
  • Serial number
  • Date purchased
  • Store where purchased

Warranty information

Warranty information varies by country or region:

  • In the U.S.—See the Statement of Limited Warranty included with this printer, or go to
  • In other countries and regions—See the printed warranty that came with this printer.
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