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Lexmark MS818

Lexmark MS818

Preparing to set up the printer on an Ethernet network

To configure your printer to connect to an Ethernet network, organize the following information before you begin:

Note:  If your network automatically assigns IP addresses to computers and printers, continue on to installing the printer.

  • A valid, unique IP address for the printer to use on the network
  • The network gateway
  • The network mask
  • A nickname for the printer (optional)
  • Note:  A printer nickname can make it easier for you to identify your printer on the network. You can choose to use the default printer nickname, or assign a name that is easier for you to remember.

You will need an Ethernet cable to connect the printer to the network and an available port where the printer can physically connect to the network. Use a new network cable when possible to avoid potential problems caused by a damaged cable.

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