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Lexmark MS818

Lexmark MS818

Tips on using labels

  • From the printer control panel, set the paper size, type, texture, and weight in the Paper menu to match the labels loaded in the tray.
  • Print samples on labels being considered for use before buying large quantities.
  • For more information on label printing, characteristics, and design, see the Card Stock & Label Guide on the Lexmark Web site at
  • Use labels designed specifically for laser printers.
  • Do not use labels with slick backing material.
  • Do not use labels with exposed adhesive.
  • Use full label sheets. Partial sheets may cause labels to peel off during printing, resulting in a jam. Partial sheets also contaminate the printer and the cartridge with adhesive, and could void the printer and toner cartridge warranties.
  • Before loading labels on the tray, flex and fan labels to loosen them. Straighten the edges on a level surface.
  • Note:  Vinyl and polyester labels are supported only in the MS710 Series printer models.

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