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Lexmark MX611

Lexmark MX611

Using the ScanBack Utility

You can use the Lexmark ScanBack™ Utility instead of the Embedded Web Server to create scan‑to‑computer profiles. The ScanBack Utility can be downloaded from the Lexmark support Web site at

  1. Set up your scan‑to‑computer profile:

    1. Launch the ScanBack Utility.

    2. Select the printer.

      If no printers are listed, then contact your system support person, or click Setup to manually search for an IP address or host name.

    3. Follow the instructions on your computer screen to define the type of document being scanned and what kind of output you want to create.

    4. Assign a file name of your scan profile, and then specify a location on your computer.

    5. Click Finish.

      A dialog box appears with your scan profile information and the status of the received images.

      Note:  You can select Create Shortcut to create a shortcut of the scan profile settings to your desktop.

  2. Scan your original documents:

    1. Load all pages into the ADF or on the scanner glass.

    2. From the printer control panel, navigate to:

      Held jobs > Profiles and Apps >  select your scan profile

    3. Note:  Your output file is saved in a directory or launched in the application you specified.

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