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Lexmark CX417

Lexmark CX417

Copy to

This option lets you select the size and type of paper on which your copies will be printed.

  • Touch the paper size and type that matches the paper loaded.
  • If the settings for “Copy from” and “Copy to” are different, then the printer automatically adjusts the Scale setting to accommodate the difference.
  • If the type or size of paper you want to use is not loaded in one of the trays, then touch Manual Feeder, and manually load the paper in the manual feeder or multipurpose feeder.
  • When “Copy to” is set to Auto Size Match, each copy matches the paper size of the original document. If a matching paper size is not in one of the trays, then Paper size not found appears and prompts to load a paper in a tray, manual feeder, or multipurpose feeder.
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