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Lexmark MX725

Lexmark MX725

Repeating defects

Note:  Before solving the problem, print the Print Quality Test Pages. From the control panel, navigate to Settings > Troubleshooting > Print Quality Test Pages. For non‑touch‑screen printer models, press to navigate through the settings.


Step 1

  • Using the Print Quality Test Pages, check if the distance between the repeating defects is equal to any of the following:
    • 96  mm (3.78  in.)
    • 49  mm (1.93  in.)
    • 47.5  mm (1.87  in.)
    • 30.2  mm (1.18  in.)

Does the distance between the repeating defects match any of the measurements?

Go to step 2.

Take note of the distance, and then contact customer support.

Step 2

  1. Replace the imaging unit.

  2. Print the document.

Do the repeating defects appear?

Contact customer support.

The problem is solved.

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