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Lexmark CS421

Lexmark CS421

Creating bookmarks

Use bookmarks to print frequently accessed documents that are stored in servers or on the web.

  1. Open a web browser, and then type the printer IP address in the address field.


    • View the printer IP address on the printer home screen. The IP address appears as four sets of numbers separated by periods, such as
    • If you are using a proxy server, then temporarily disable it to load the web page correctly.
  2. Click Bookmark Setup > Add Bookmark, and then type a unique name for the bookmark.

  3. Select an Address protocol type, and then do one of the following:

    • For HTTP and HTTPS, type the URL that you want to bookmark.
    • For HTTPS, make sure to use the host name instead of the IP address. For example, type instead of typing Make sure that the host name also matches the Common Name (CN) value in the server certificate. For more information on obtaining the CN value in the server certificate, see the help information for your web browser.
    • For FTP, type the FTP address. For example, myServer/myDirectory. Enter the FTP port. Port 21 is the default port for sending commands.
    • For SMB, type the network folder address. For example, myServer/myShare/myFile.pdf. Type the network domain name.
    • If necessary, select the Authentication type for FTP and SMB.

    To limit access to the bookmark, enter a PIN.

    Note:  The application supports the following file types: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and HTML-based web pages. Other file types such as DOCX and XLXS are supported in some printer models.

  4. Click Save.

Note:  To manage bookmarks, click Bookmark Setup.

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