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Lexmark XC4240

Lexmark XC4240

Setting up the fax function using etherFAX


  • The printer firmware must be updated to the latest version. For more information, see the “Updating firmware” section.
  • An appropriate license bundle must be installed in your printer. For more information, contact etherFAX.
  • Make sure that you have registered your printer to the etherFAX portal. For more information, go to
  • The printer serial number is required on registration. To locate the serial number, see Finding the printer serial number.
  1. Open a web browser, and then type the printer IP address in the address field.


    • View the printer IP address on the home screen. The IP address appears as four sets of numbers separated by periods, such as
    • If you are using a proxy server, then temporarily disable it to load the web page correctly.
  2. Click Settings > Fax > Fax Setup > General Fax Settings.

    Note:  Fax Setup appears only if Fax Mode is set to Fax.

  3. In the Fax Name field, type a unique name.

  4. In the Fax Number field, enter the fax number that etherFAX provided.

  5. From the Fax Transport menu, select etherFAX.


    • This menu shows up only when more than one fax transport is available.
    • If the printer only has etherFAX installed, then it is automatically configured.
  6. Apply the changes.

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