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Lexmark C3326

Lexmark C3326

Configuring Wi‑Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct® is a Wi-Fi-based peer-to-peer technology that allows wireless devices to connect directly to a Wi-Fi Direct‑enabled printer without using an access point (wireless router).

  1. From the control panel, navigate to:

    Settings > Network/Ports > Wi-Fi Direct

    For non‑touch‑screen printer models, press to navigate through the settings.

  2. Configure the settings.

    • Enable Wi‑Fi Direct—Enables the printer to broadcast its own Wi‑Fi Direct network.
    • Wi‑Fi Direct Name—Assigns a name for the Wi‑Fi Direct network.
    • Wi‑Fi Direct Password—Assigns the password for negotiating the wireless security when using the peer‑to-peer connection.
    • Show Password on Setup Page—Shows the password on the Network Setup Page.
    • Auto-Accept Push Button Requests—Lets the printer accept connection requests automatically.
    • Note:  Accepting push‑button requests automatically is not secured.

  3. Notes:

    • By default, the Wi-Fi Direct network password is not visible on the printer display. To show the password, enable the password peek icon. From the control panel, navigate to Settings > Security > Miscellaneous > Enable Password/PIN Reveal.
    • To know the password of the Wi-Fi Direct network without showing it on the printer display, from the control panel navigate to Settings > Reports > Network > Network Setup Page.
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