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Understanding the print settings


  • Some settings may not be available in some printer models or print management servers.
  • For LPM On‑Premises, the policy set by your administrator may change the print settings. For more information on policies, see the Lexmark Print Management On‑Premises Administrator’s Guide.

When sending print jobs, configure one or more of the following:

  • Paper—Select the paper source.
  • Copies—Specify the number of copies.
  • Two‑sided—Print on both sides of the paper.
    • Short edge—Flip the document on its short edge.
    • Long edge—Flip the document on its long edge.
    • Off—Disable two‑sided printing.
    • Use printer default—Use the printer default setting. This option is available only in Lexmark Cloud Services print queues.
  • More settings
    • Color—Print in color or black and white.
    • Orientation—Change the document orientation to either portrait or landscape.
    • Pages per side—Print multiple pages on one side of the paper.
    • Pages to Print—Select the pages to print. This setting is available only when printing PDF documents.
    • Send as a Held Job—Store the print job in the printer memory for printing later.
    • Notes:

      • If you are logged in to Cloud Print Management, then your Cloud Print Management user name is used when sending a held job.
      • To configure the printer to show held jobs, see Configuring the printer to show held jobs.
      • The Send as a Held Job setting appears only when the selected device is a printer.
      • To disable the Send as a Held Job setting, select Off.
      • Notes:

        • The default setting is Off.
        • Disabling this setting clears the held job credentials.
      • To print and review the first copy of a multiple‑copy print job, select Verify, and then type your user name. This option holds the remaining copies until they are released for printing or canceled.
      • To store a print job in the printer memory for printing later, select Reserve, and then type your user name.
      • To print the job immediately and store a copy in the printer memory, select Repeat, and then type your user name.
      • To secure your print job with a PIN, select Confidential, and then type your user name and PIN.
    • Staple—Staple the printed document.
    • Hole Punch—Punch holes on the printed document.
    • Output bin—Select an output bin.


    • The Staple, Hole Punch, and “Output bin” settings appear only when the associated hardware options are installed in the selected printer.
    • You can change only one of the Staple, Hole Punch, and "Output bin" settings at a time. For example, if you change the Staple setting, then the Hole Punch and "Output bin" settings use their default values.
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