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Printing documents, photos, or web pages


    • Make sure that the Lexmark Print Service Plugin is enabled. For more information, see Installing and enabling the plug‑in.
    • Make sure that the application you are using to open the document, photo, or web page has a print option.
  1. With a document, photo, or web page open, tap   > Print.

  2. Select a printer or an LPM server.

    Note:  Make sure that you are logged in to the LPM server to send print jobs. For more information, see Logging in to an LPM server.

  3. If necessary, change the print settings. For more information, see Understanding the print settings.

  4. Tap .

Note:  If the LPM server does not support the file type, then the server converts the file format to JPEG. For example, when sending a sample_image.png to an LPM server, the file is converted to sample_image‑png.jpeg when queued on the server.

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