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Lexmark XC9455

Lexmark XC9455

Configuring confidential jobs

  1. From the home screen, touch Settings > Security > Confidential Print Setup.

  2. Configure the settings.


Max Invalid PIN

Set the limit for entering an invalid PIN.

Note:  When the limit is reached, the print jobs for that user name are deleted.

Confidential Job Expiration

Set an individual expiration time for each held job before it is automatically deleted from the printer memory, hard disk, or intelligent storage drive.

Note:  A held job is either Confidential, Repeat, Reserve, or Verify.

Repeat Job Expiration

Set the expiration time for print jobs that you want to repeat.

Verify Job Expiration

Set the expiration time for printing a copy of a job for you to check its quality before printing the remaining copies.

Reserve Job Expiration

Set the expiration time for jobs that you want to store in the printer for printing later.

Require All Jobs to be Held

Set the printer to hold all print jobs.

Keep duplicate documents

Set the printer to keep all documents with the same file name.

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