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Translation Assistant

Translation Assistant

Printing the translated document

Note:  You must have available translations quota to use Translation Assistant. Contact your administrator if you have exceeded your translations quota.

  1. From the printer control panel, depending on the printer login configuration, do either of the following:

    • Tap your badge on the card reader.
    • Touch PIN Login or Secure Login, and then enter your login credentials.
  2. Load a document into the automatic document feeder (ADF) tray or on the scanner glass.

  3. From the home screen, touch Translation Assistant, and then accept the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

  4. Select an original language, and then touch Next.

  5. Select one or more target languages, and then touch Next.

    Note:  You can select up to five target languages.

  6. Select Print, and then touch Next.

  7. Enter the number of copies, and then touch Next.

  8. If necessary, change the scan settings, and then touch Done.


    • For example, for documents printed in landscape orientation, select Landscape in the Scan Settings menu.
    • You must set Scan Settings in the application settings to Show so that you can change the scan settings. To change the scan settings, from the Embedded Web Server, click Apps > Translation Assistant > Configure, and then set Scan Settings to Show.
    • Charges apply after the scanning is completed and the document starts uploading. Canceling the translation job after the scanning is completed does not cancel the charges.
  9. If you are scanning from the scanner glass, then touch Send, and then wait for the translation to complete. If you are scanning from the ADF, you do not need to touch Send.


    • If you are scanning multiple pages, then touch Scan the next page when prompted.
    • If you want to scan pages using the automatic document feeder and scanner glass in one translation job, then set the Custom Job menu to ON. If you want to use only one scanning source, then set the Custom Job menu to OFF.
  10. From the translation summary screen, do one of the following:

    • Touch Exit.
    • Touch  > New Translation to start a new translation.
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