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Lexmark CS632

Lexmark CS632

Printer configurations

CAUTION—TIPPING HAZARD:  Installing one or more options on your printer or MFP may require a caster base, furniture, or other feature to prevent instability causing possible injury. For more information on supported configurations, see

CAUTION—TIPPING HAZARD:  To reduce the risk of equipment instability, load each tray separately. Keep all other trays closed until needed.

You can configure your printer by adding any of the following options:

  • A 650-sheet duo tray
  • A 650-sheet duo tray and up to two 550-sheet trays
  • Up to three 550-sheet trays

For more information, see Installing optional trays.


Control panel


Standard 250-sheet tray


Optional 650-sheet duo tray

Note:  The tray is composed of a 550‑sheet tray and a 100‑sheet multipurpose feeder.


Optional 550‑sheet trays


Manual feeder


Standard bin

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