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Lexmark CS632

Lexmark CS632

Avoiding jams

Load paper properly

  • Make sure that the paper lies flat in the tray.
  • Correct loading of paperIncorrect loading of paper
  • Do not load or remove a tray while the printer is printing.
  • Do not load too much paper. Make sure that the stack height is below the maximum paper fill indicator.
  • Do not slide paper into the tray. Load paper as shown in the illustration.
  • Make sure that the paper guides are positioned correctly and are not pressing tightly against the paper or envelopes.
  • Push the tray firmly into the printer after loading paper.

Use recommended paper

  • Use only recommended paper or specialty media.
  • Do not load paper that is wrinkled, creased, damp, bent, or curled.
  • Flex, fan, and align the paper edges before loading.
  • Do not use paper that has been cut or trimmed by hand.
  • Do not mix paper sizes, weights, or types in the same tray.
  • Make sure that the paper size and type are set correctly on the computer or printer control panel.
  • Store paper according to manufacturer recommendations.
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