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Lexmark CX921

Lexmark CX921

Firmware bug in FW23 (releases 230.001-230.223) causes 129.00, 129.10, 129.20, and 129.30 errors. Impacted toner cartridge supply reports at 4% level with empty toner cartridge. Printout appears lighter than expected

Issue description

  • A firmware bug in FW23 causes the following issues:
    • Supply level to remain at 4%, even after the toner cartridge is empty.
    • “Replace cartridge [88.00]” is not to be reported to the user. The supply level reported remains at 4%, however, the impacted toner cartridge is empty.
  • Error codes 129.00, 129.10, 129.20, and 129.30 are reported because the cartridge is empty but not reported as empty.
  • Print quality may be impacted before 129.00, 129.10, 129.20, and 129.30 error states are reached. The impacted color is lighter than expected. Impact on print quality: Expected output (left) vs. the output before the 129.10 error (right).


To resolve the 129.00, 129.10, 129.20, and 129.30 error codes, install a new toner cartridge supply for the impacted color.

Note:  A FW23 fix (release 230.300 or later) will be available on the Support site in the early summer of 2024. If the issue above impacts your workflow, contact technical support for a PE release.

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