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Smart Card Authentication

Smart Card Authentication

How to Extract Domain Issuing Certificate from Internet Explorer

Issue description

This guide applies to customers encountering "Domain Controller Issuing Certificate has not been installed" errors when using smartcard. In order for the device to validate that the Domain Controller is authorized to provide validation, the issuing Intermediate Authority Certificate of the Domain Controller needs to be loaded first.

If you do not have this certificate, it can be extracted from Internet Explorer. The certificate needed by the device must be in Base64 format although the extension type of the file itself is irrelevant.

Affected Products:

Solutions: Smart Common Access Card (SCAC), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Steps to Extract/Export Certificates from Internet Explorer

  1. To extract certificates, go to Internet Options, Content Tab, and click Certificates.

  2. Select Intermediate Certificate Authority Tab.

  3. Highlight the desired certificate and select Export.

  4. Following the wizard, ensure to export the certificate in Base64 format.

Note:  If the certificate is not correct, the multifunction printer will report what certificate is required during the first attempt at user authentication in the SE logs: see error prompt below.Contact Lexmark Technical Support for assistance.

Steps to Install the Certificate on a Lexmark Device

  1. Open your preferred web browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).

    • In the address field, enter the printer’s IP address to access its Embedded Web Server(EWS).
  2. Click Settings, Security, Certificate Management, and Certificate Authority Management.

  3. Click New and then browse to the file containing the certificates to be installed on the device. Click Submit.


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