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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

Unable to Add Drivers to Novell's Broker Remote Management Service (RMS) Database

What you will see

A Files Needed dialog window appears with the message, "The file LMUD0C40.DLL on (Unknown) is needed."

This message occurs when trying to upload driver files to the Broker's Remote Management Service (RMS) database.

Affected Products

Universal printer drivers (UPD) and the device-specific (PCL&PS) drivers for the following models:

C SeriesE SeriesT SeriesW SeriesX Series MFPs
  • -C54x* Series
  • -C73x Series
  • -C78x Series
  • -C935
  • -E26x Series
  • -E360x Series
  • -E46x Series
  • -T64x Series
  • -T65x Series
  • -W84x Series
  • -W85x Series
  • -X20x Series MFPs
  • -X264dn MFP
  • -X36x Series MFPs
  • -X46x Series MFPs
  • -X54x Series MFPs
  • -X64x Series MFPs
  • -X65x Series MFPs
  • -X73x Series MFPs
  • -X85x Series MFPs
  • -X86x Series MFPs
  • -X94x Series MFPs

*An x denotes any number within a given product series; for example, X203 or X204 MFP.

Suggested Remedy and Example

A batch script will "flatten" these driver packages to make them compatible with Novell installs.

To do this, follow this summary of steps:

MS-Dos Batch Script File

Click here

to download the bat file.

Download, run, and extract driver package

To do this:

  1. Download the driver package to your local machine from the Lexmark website.

  2. Extract the driver files.

  3. Run the driver package executable; for example, Lexmark_Universal_UD0_Win_64_PCL_XL_Emul.exe.

  4. Proceed through the install to extract the files to the desired location; for example, C:\Lexmark\Drivers\univPCLXL, depending on the driver.

Cancel Add Printer Wizard and copy the script file to the extraction directory

To do this:

  1. Cancel out of Add Printer Wizard when it launches.

  2. Copy the script file (novell_flatfile.bat) to the win_2kxp directory of the extracting path; for example, C:\Lexmark\Drivers\univPCLXL\drivers\print\win_2kxp.

Launch command prompt and run batch file

To do this:

  1. Launch the command prompt and go to the win_2kxp directory; for example, C:\Lexmark\Drivers\univPCLXL\drivers\print\win_2kxp

  2. Type novell_flatfile.bat <language> <architecture> to run the script.

Command examples:

For example, type novell_flatfile.bat English x86 for a 32-bit English driver package.

For example, typenovell_flatfile.bat English x64. for a 64-bit English driver package.

This will copy all the necessary files to the win_2kxp directory.

Language andArchitecture values are as follows:

  • - Chi_Simp
  • - Chi_Trad
  • - Danish
  • - Dutch
  • - English
  • - Finnish
  • - French
  • - German
  • - Italian
  • - Japanese
  • - Korean
  • - Norwegian
  • - Polish
  • - PortBrzl
  • - Romanian
  • - Russian
  • - Spanish
  • - Swedish
  • - Turkish
  • -x86
  • -x64
  1. The driver package is now ready to be uploaded to the Broker’s RMS database.


As is required for Novell installs, previous driver packages contained copies of all driver files in the same .INF directory within what is called a "flat file structure."

The drivers referenced at the beginning of this article include newer Microsoft core driver files. This change removed the additional driver file copies from the INF file directory structure; hence, the error message when a user attempts to install the print driver on a Novell Broker.

Still Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support you will need your printer machine/model type and serial number (SN). Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician on the phone requires you to perform a task on one of these devices.


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