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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

ViewTrac: 'ViewTrac2' User Does Not Exist in the Database

Suggested Remedy

Execute the following part of the original creation script to re-establish user access and owner permissions to the "ViewTrac2" database.

exec sp_addlogin 'ViewTrac2','Lexmark60505','ViewTrac2',English if not exists (select * from dbo.sysusers where name = N'ViewTrac2' and uid < 16382) exec sp_grantdbaccess N'ViewTrac2', N'ViewTrac2' GO exec sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', N'ViewTrac2' GO


If for some reason the administrator of the database eliminates the “ViewTrac2” user, the above script will need to be executed in order to create a new ViewTrac2 to access the database and restore owner permissions to the user.

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