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Lexmark CS310

Lexmark CS310

Set Date and Time menu


    Current Date and Time

View the current date and time settings for the printer.

    Manually Set Date and Time

Enter the date and time.


  • Date/Time is set in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.
  • Manually setting the date and time sets “Enable NTP” (Network Time Protocol) to On.

    Time Zone

Select the time zone.

Note:  GMT is the factory default setting.

    Automatically Observe DST

  • On
  • Off

Set the printer to use the applicable daylight saving time (DST) start and end times associated with the printer Time Zone setting.

Note:  On is the factory default setting and uses the applicable Daylight Saving Time associated with the Time Zone setting.

    Enable NTP

  • On
  • Off

Enable Network Time Protocol, which synchronizes the clocks of devices on a network.

Note:  On is the factory default setting.

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