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Smart Card Authentication

Smart Card Authentication

How to Unblock a Gemalto Smart Card PIN


This article provides the steps required to restore access to a Gemalto Smart Card in the event that you have forgotten your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and get blocked.


Follow the steps below:


Go to the Gemalto Web site to either unblock or change pin if you still remember your PIN.

Use Internet Explorer (IE) when accessing the preceding web site.

You have a built-in card reader on your laptop…Insert your Gemalto card reader.
You do not have a built-in card reader on your laptop…Plug in an external card reader and make sure your computer installs the card reader driver so it will read the card once you have inserted it.

The options on the web site will be available once you insert the Gemalto card in the reader.

3 Click Unblock PIN.

Fill out the Response / Authorization Code, New PIN, and Confirm New PIN fields. To generate the Response / Authorization Code, perform the following steps:

a. Download this Response calculator tool. b. Unzip the file, and then double-click ResponseCalculator.exe. c. Enter the Challenge / Access Code found on the Gemalto Web site > Unblock PIN section, and then Calculate response.

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